Monday, March 5

Draped - not working!

I was hoping to post a lovely photo of the finished "draped" top today, but alas, it has come out too small - I can barely get my head into it. Not quite sure what went wrong, I need to check my knitleader diagram against the schematic for a start.

As a comfort to myself I knitted a charity tee top in some purpley-blue yarn with shiny lurex. There's probably enough on the cone for one more. I was racking my brains how to knit a mock rib hem, I think I got it right, been ages since I knitted one.

I also cast on for a crochet shopping bag, got a whole cone of Peaches n' cream in white, blue, red, brown, green. It's double worsted so won't fit on even the largest knitting machine. I am making the pattern up as I go along, if it's any good I will post it up here.

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