Wednesday, April 11

(Machine) knitting in the dark

I made use of the long weekend to start a jacket on the Passap. It is in a black and white double-bed jacquard pattern (1145 tech 180). Managed to knit the fronts and back with no problems (other that the tediousness of it - it's something daft like 528 rows long, with colour changes every two rows).

Took several false starts, but I managed to get a sleeve done too - increases every 10-11 rows for 330 rows. Dratted thing is now dropping stitches on the "good" side. Being a Passap, it's impossible to see what's happening until the work is off the machine (hence the title). I can't see anything wrong with the needles although two seem to have a very slight bend. Rather cross, as it's been perfectly behaved until now. I can probably repair the sleeve with the addition of a few stitches, but it is most annoying. The sleeve was knitted a day after the rest so it can't even be down to metal fatigue or overheating.

I finished off the DK jumper I started at Manor House last week. Dunno who I thought it was going to fit, but it's indecent on me. Another one for the charity bag, then. Not enough yarn to make it bigger, anyway.

My list of WIPs seems to be getting ever longer. Spring is always like this - a mad rash of startitis. I suspect there are a few entries on the right that are technically in hibernation. I don't have THAT much free time!

My car has decided to become a rain detector. When we had a lot of rain on Monday night, the alarm refused to shut off. I locked it the old-fashioned method, and that at least subdued it to a quiet beeping. I hope the battery is not on the way out, but to be fair it's 9 years old so it wouldn't be a surprise.

We pottered about the house this weekend, being miserable weather-wise. and himself decided we'd decorate the kitchen. All it needs now is a new roller blind. If I can resist the urge to cut the dratted thing 9cm too short this time (yes a second one is in my car) we'll have it finished Thursday.

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