Sunday, April 29

No sleep 'til Sunday...

Yes. I am still alive, never fear. Just got rather a lot going on at the moment - the office is in the process of moving, work is also very busy, and I'm finalising the details for the MKKI day with the help of the wonderful covknit who stepped up to help when I called her in a blind panic. The office move and the MKKI day are on the same weekend, of course. Typical.

Yes, folks, the insomnia and anxiety are back. Lost two nights sleep somewhere... perhaps they are under the couch?! I'll be fine, but it takes a while to get back on track when the body's been disrupted.

Haven't done much knitting lately, because I (a) haven't had time, (b) haven't felt like it and (c) I've tidied up and can't find the sock I was working on. Doh.

Normal service will be resumed next week.

Current mood: stressed

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