Sunday, April 15

Nottingham "Just Knitting" show, April 15th 2012

Sunday dawned, bright and cold, and we got there just after opening time. My friend C is in the foreground - the back of your head is now famous, ha!

Some more pics of the event - taken as we arrived, it got busier than this.

Looking left - Hague in far corner

F is waving to me - she's my neighbour in terms of machine knitting as she lives about half a mile away

Looking right - Anne Brown (Posh Frocks) is on the left

Looking towards the centre - Nick from Uppingham Yarns is already busy.

Riverside to left, Andeeknits in background. The Riverside bloke always looks really fed up, it's very off-putting.

Two jackets by Hazel Green - love these, hope the pattern is in the Guild newsletter soon

The fashion models on their last "parade"



Pretty sure that's Clair Crowston in the red. She had some sample garments for sale and I was sorely tempted, but I don't think she's my size, alas.



Uppingham Yarns and Metropolitan. Love Pat's turquoise cardigan - I want to have a go at that!

All in all, a very good show. I fell off the yarn wagon somewhat (James C Brett marble yarn has a deadly attraction, what can I say?). Also picked up an SC3 linker and an AG50 electronic intarsia carriage, this is a fabled device that is rarely seen online. Also picked up some rather nice buttons, and this time made a point of getting a decent amount that I might be able to use them.

Only down side to the day was that the fashion show commentary was unintelligible. More treble needed next year! It was just a jumble of sound alas.

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Heather x said...

Sounds like you had a great day yesterday Jane :)
Ooooppps on the yarn, what happened to the diet lol.

*hugs* Heather x