Monday, May 21

Kenilworth festival

Got an urgent email last week from one of the organisers of Kenilworth festival asking if anyone could help out in the arts and crafts tent as the person booked to come had cancelled. Posted messages on Ravelry and Yahoo and some wonderful people stepped up to help out. You guys rock! Thanks also to Emma of Naughty Monsters / Made in Coventry for the loan of the yarn and needles - check out her shop, she has some really cute stuff.

Yep, I am just about mad enough to sit in a marquee and freeze my behind off whilst teaching kids to knit - it was a most charming 10 degs C I think :) Took camera and forgot to take a single pic. Managed to sell a few scarves and dishcloths. Kenilworthstasher did a far better write up than I did, so I'm going to be a lazy bum and just link to it.

We promoted the Coventry Knit Wits, the Kenilworth Knit N Natter (Thurdays 10-noon at the Almanack in Kenilworth) and some crochet classes running in the sewing shop in Kenilworth. Not bad for smething flung together online in a few days :)

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