Thursday, May 10

Busy Lizzie

The MKKI event went really, really well, despite my not sleeping well for the preceding fortnight. I will post a full write-up (and pics) here soon, when my feet touch the ground.

Work is super-busy at the moment, and the office move didn't go to plan (as in the removal firm did the least amount they thought they could get away with) so we were rather lucky to have desks on Tuesday morning, as the managers and staff had to assemble them. Let's not even mention the chairs! It's coming together gradually - I think it is unreasonable to expect 20 years of accumulated office stuff to be rehomed in a day.

So, not getting much chance to collect my thoughts or go online. Managed to knit two matching sleeves (sleeves 4 and 5? I have lost count!) for the dbj passap jacket this weekend. They both have errors (I casted on 66 sts instead of 56 sts) but at least they are consistant with each other! :) They need casting off and then the whole thing needs sewing up. I have started the second sock (the luminous cotton).

I am planning on going to Woolfest this year, if we can get three people plus camping gear in a Fiesta. We will have to think about that.

Current mood: busy

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