Monday, June 04, 2012

Free pattern: machine-knitted bunting


This is probably a bit late for the Jubilee weekend, but you could knit this for other events if you changed the colours of course :) I couldn't find a pattern for this anywhere, although I'm pretty sure there was a pattern for something similar in an old Guild newsletter for the AGM when it was in Taunton. I think they were just knitted pennants, though. This is entirely knitted on the machine.

Tension: Not important.  Original was knitted using 4 ply acrylic at T4 on a Brother KX395 Convertible and had a tension of 30.5 st and 42.8 rows to 10 cm before steaming/killing.  Suggest T6 on a std gauge machine.
Yarn: Any acrylic yarn suitable for the gauge of machine you are using and that can be killed/steamed flat
Finished measurements: Pennants are approx. 16cm long and wide, and the cord is approx. 16cm long.

Note: I used automatic wrapping here to avoid getting a holey edge to the pennant, but if you don't mind holes then just put needles into hold/out of hold in groups of 3 and knit 2 rows.

Instructions are written for 4.5 (6.5, 9) mm machines.

CO 3 sts using e-wrap cast on. I cast on using needles 3L -1L (you'll see why later).


Knit 36 (27, 18) rows, ending COR. You may need to pull the needles fully forward for the first few rows - as soon as you can get a claw weight on it, the better.
E-wrap 36 (27, 18)* needles to the right, ie needles 1R to 36R (27R, 18R) and knit 1 row (carriage should now be on the left).

*Add more needles (in multiples of 3) here if you want to make the pennant bigger.


Set carriage to HOLD, and put all needles on the right into HOLD position except for the 4 needles nearest the carriage on the left. Move the claw weight up.

* Knit to the right, put a needle nearest the carriage into HOLD, knit to the left, put a further 4 needles into UWP (knit back from HOLD). Rep from * until only 3 needles left in work (COR). Cancel HOLD and knit to the left. Set to HOLD again.

*Put 2 needles furthest from the carriage into HOLD, knit to the right. Put 1 needle nearest the carriage into hold, knit to the left. Rep from * until only 3 needles left in work (COL). Cancel HOLD and knit to the left.

Cast off 36 sts using the transfer tool, hooking the first stitch around a gate peg or around a needle if your machine doesn't have gate pegs. 3 sts on the left remain in work.

At this point, change the colour if desired, and start again on the cord for the next flag.

When you have knitted the last flag, knit 36 more rows over the 3 sts and cast off.

Tie the ends in a reef knot and cut the ends short, or weave in the ends if you desire.

Steam-press to shape.

COR= carriage on right, COL=carriage on left, UWP=upper working position, HOLD = set carriage for partial knitting

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