Thursday, July 12


Wow - 9 days since I last posted? That's some kind of record for me, I guess. I think I may even have missed celibrating my blogiversary, too. Oh well!

Not sure why, but I've lost my momentum lately. Might be the continuing miserable weather, might be the realisation that my left eye is struggling to see detailed work on a 4.5mm machine, who knows?  Of the two main hand-knits I'm working on, one is coming out too big so I've stopped, and the other one I'm not sure I like how it's looking. I've used up most of my odds and ends in the almost-complete crochet baby blanket - so even that's come to a halt.

The Cog and I had a short break in Liverpool this weekend, and actually got quite a bit of sunshine on the saturday, which was a nice surprise. Pity there isn't a beach. Saw the free floors of the Tate - sculpture and a few artworks - most modern art doesn't do much for me, I find it pretentious - especially the little descriptions about why the artist thought their piece was a good idea, more than the sculpture/art itself. Serves me right for being a cheapskate (and in a hurry), the Monet exhibition was probably more my thing. The Titanic/maritime exhibitions and the Cavern were interesting. Last time I visited Liverpool, I was single. I stayed in the same hotel, but Liverpool One was just a glint in a planner's eye so I was rather disorientated this time. We never did find the yellow submarine sculpture I remembered.

Tuesday night, for once, I had a free night, so decided that I should probably sort out the knitting room. After the MKKI day in May, I just dumped the CSM and the Brother 'leccy machine in there - I didn't bother to set them back up - and the plan had been that it would force me to use the Passap instead. But, it didn't really go to plan. Even when I try to trick myself into facing a challenge, I find ways around it. My psyche is sneaky like that. I have done some things on the Passap - but 4 hours to knit two buttonbands? Sheesh - I think I could almost handknit them faster. They look good, mind you (another picture I haven't taken yet). Work's been pretty busy, life's been pretty busy, and long stretches of time more than an hour just haven't been available to me. Even when they have, my brain's felt like mush, and chilling out in front of the tv has been the preferred option. I rarely sit still and relax without I have something in my hands or something I'm planning. Sometimes it's nice to just "be".

So anyway I got the CSM set back up - I bought an IKEA plant stand for it, but it needs some kind of counterbalance because otherwise it falls over. At the moment, the weights are doing that, but when it's in use, those weights will be needed, so I do need to think of something more permanent. So far the idea is a large water bottle that we usually take camping, or possibly digging out some spare patio slabs from the garage. Something to ponder.

Then I set the Brother 'leccy back up. I'd been reading a blog (and it escapes me right now whose blog it was, say Hi if it was you!) where she discussed the Bill King cardigan (MKM, Dec 2011) in a few posts. I decided that I just wanted to knit SOMETHING without too much fuss - no swatching, no mucking about, just MAKE something, anything, dammit. If it doesn't fit, it'll be another one for the charity bag. Yarn isn't going down if I'm not using it, and the machines are wasted if I'm not working on them. A lot of the stuff I make has flaws - often minor ones - but the item in question usually goes to the back of the cupboard for a month or two and then gets sent to charity. I'd really like to make a few items I'd  actually like enough to keep, even AS a process knitter.

It took me until bedtime to finish the two pieces of the BK cardigan (Gold Star) - it's another short-rowing pattern, with 5 turns, knitted in two halves. Wednesday I took it to knitting club and sewed most of it up (whilst fending off a mild case of food poisoning - joy!). Finished the sewing today and have killed it. Yes, it's another acrylic special - the pattern called for 3ply cotton but I didn't have any to hand, so a hearty steaming was on the agenda. Which is good, 'cause it looked like a pointy, collapsed star before I took the steam iron to it.

Guess what? The cardigan turned out beautifully. It drapes, it swings, and I can't wait to wear it to work tomorrow (it also gave me an excuse to get the ironing done. Ha - double bonus!). I might add a button and loop yet - the little wooden heart I picked up at Woolfest, perhaps.

I think the mojo might just be coming back. Pictures to follow shortly, I promise.

Edit: It's Tracy of Knotty Knits and Naughty Kids - you inspired me to try this pattern, so thanks for that! And thankyou Cindy for reminding me who it was.


Cindy/KS said...

Not me, but Tracy from Canada has been talking about a Bill Kind cardigan lately.

TracyKM said...

I love how yours turned out. I know you did 6 rows between groups, but you mention doing 5's fascinating how one pattern can be varied in many ways! I really need a white cardi and I should really experiment with killing acrylic too. I've steamed it, but not too forceably, just enough to tame the curl.