Tuesday, July 17

The weekend's slippage...

Dinky little clutch, most of the mud removed (it's still a bit wet in this shot).

Shawl pin - now I just needs to knit me a shawl I think!

Yarn for dyeing. Yarn bought for dyeing doesn't count, right? (I am such a liar!)

Bought from the Wool Boat:


As you can see, I couldn't wait, this is going to be socks for the Cog.

I know some folks are snobby about acrylic - but I've always loved the James C Brett yarns. It's acrylic but it's NICE acrylic. It's lovely and soft, not at all squeaky, and yet can withstand several unpickings. It's always in such a lovely range of colours too. I gather Mr Brett is in his 90s and his son has taken over the business. Long may he prosper! I've recently used a very well known btand of DK colour-change yarn, and it was NOT as nice - in fact, the garment it produced has been given to charity to punish it for its sleaziness (loose gauge, but the pattern called for it) and squeakiness.


TracyKM said...

I've used the James Brett Marble and really liked it too. It's not too common here, and I couldn't get the gauge on the label, but I loved the colours!

Julie Spriddle said...

I love the clutch, it's beautiful :-)

I've always thought that James C Brett did some beautiful yarns, soft and not at all squeaky. I've also liked their wool mix yarns, though the short staple in the wool they use has given me trouble with pilling in the Doris Chan cardi I made. Still love it though.

Oh and hi by the way! *waves*