Wednesday, December 5

FO: Black sweater


This is a Bramwell acrylic yarn with coloured slubs, I bought it from a fellow Raveller. I did an alternate picot hem I learned in a Clair Crowston workshop - it looks a bit like moss stitch (see this post - fourth post down, third hem in the picture). It had to be steamed to make it lie down, but it looks ok now. A bit tricky taking a photo of yourself, and black never photographs well.

I've knitted all the pieces for the one xmas knit I'm doing this year, I just need to do some sewing up. There's one last yarn I need to knit up from my "swatching" session back in mid November - white with big slubby blobs - and I suspect it's going to be a trial.

I'm mentally casting around for another hand project to start on (lace shawl? cabled handknit cardigan?) and also casting around wondering what has happened to my favourite 2mm crochet hook. It's a Clover with a soft-grip handle. 2mm crochet hooks are the bane of my life, they are always going missing!

Meanwhile I seem to have hit my stashdown2012 target of 100 entries in Ravelry. Remember the navy and pale blue sweater I made for the Cog (which he shrank)? Then I made another one, running out of navy, which I shrank? Well, the leftover pale blue yarn has been hanging around for a while, and I've been thinking there might be just enough of it for a lovely lacey shawl. Except, it seems to have some damage to the bottom of the cone. It looks like either it's somehow come into contact with a very sharp edge, or I have a moth problem (I'd be surprised by the latter, seeing as most of my yarn is acrylic). So I might well have to bin that yarn, thus inadvertently achieving the 100 goal.

Kind of feels like cheating...

Current mood: annoyed


Anonymous said...

I really like that sweater! Did you do it on the machine?

I just got my first knitting machine - the Incredible Sweater Machine - yesterday from a local charity shop. I haven't tried to use it, yet. But I've been doing lots and lots of research.

Question: on your pattern site (very cool btw) which of the patterns can be used with the ISM?

steel breeze said...

Yes, I made it on the Brother KH950i. The free pattern site has four columns, Bond/ISM/USM - chunky is the third column across.