Monday, February 11

Knitting and dyeing...

I've been quiet on the blog for a week because I got sent to Holland for work at pretty short notice so haven't been online much, and when I did get back there were lots of emails and posts to catch up on. I did take some handknitting and some crochet with me though!

This Saturday I attended the "50 Shades of Dye" workshop at Toft Alpacas, which is just down the road from me. It was organised by Debbie and Pete of DT Craft and Design. We produced shade cards - one with different solutions of the base dyes, and one with different mixes of the base dyes.

Different strengths of dye

Different mixes of dye

Sorry for the not-great photos, we have a rather loud duvet cover on at the moment!!

Then we had a go creating a test skein and a larger skein. For the test skein there weren't a lot of plastic tubs handy so I used some sponges to paint the yarn. For the larger skein I made up some solutions in plastic cups and dunked the yarn into them.

Finished test skeins - mine's on the far left

Finished dyed skeins
Finished skeins - mine's the purple with a loud dash of pink

We finished up with a very squelchy walk around the alpaca farm - lots of mud that tried to remove my wellies a few times (it had snowed, then thawed, that morning). Very enjoyable day - good food (homemade soup and cake) and great fun with dye.

On the knitting front, I finished the Creative Melange jumper. It came out rather large and the sleeves are a bit long, but it's very cosy. Decided to sew it up with the knit side outwards because I didn't like the purl-side outwards, seams outside design. I also made a simple hat with the leftovers. Debating whether to follow a pattern with the rico tasai yarn, or whether to make something up as I go along...

Very tired today for some reason. I never get on with hotel beds so have been catching up with my sleep.

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Mary Triller said...

Your dyed yarn is beautiful! I love the colours you selected.

I look forward to seeing your completed jumper.

With all the travel, are you coming to knitting this week? And are you going to do a bit of show n tell with your new creations?