Monday, February 18

Progress report

First, some FOs:

Picture 023
Rico Creative Melange jumper. I sewed it up knit side outwards, because purl side outwards just looks wrong to me. Sleeves are a bit long but it's very cosy and smooshy and the neck is ok too despite originally looking a bit big.

Picture 018
...and a matching hat for the charity bag, supposed to be a child's size but it does fit me. Well, I had a ball left over so just made this up. Came out a bit pointy! :)

And in progress...

Picture 019
Strawberry (or more likely Blueberry) Shortcake in progress. Faltered at the weekend 'cause I'd miscounted, this is made in sideways blo-dcs. Artesano merino DK - very nice to work with!

Picture 020
Whilst I was dithering over the "Shortcake" top, I also cast this on...

Picture 022
Baby v neck cardi from the Metbury Baby book. Some assembly still required!

Picture 021
Child's jumper in blue chenille. Needs two more garter st bands adding and then sewing up.

Realised yesterday that I do probably have a 5.5 tunisian hook - I got the Knitpick Pro set - but because it's upstairs somewhere I forget I've got them.

Have also found a likely candidate yarn for the canopy cardigan, but need to clear some projects first which might cool my ardour. Also, the yarn in question will need dyeing. I'm thinking of a pale blue at the moment, as I've had a bit of a grey/white streak lately. We shall see!

On training for two days because I am taking on more responsibilities at work. The training centre is purpose-built and is like a fancy hotel - hot n' cold buffet, dorm rooms. Very fancy! Glad I'm not paying for it...

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