Friday, March 8


Picture 043

Just to prove you can knit with chenille, I finally managed to sew this up last night. It's for a child, there is probably enough for at least one more on the cone.

Current mood: ill - yes, got a nasty headcold/fluey thing.


Mary Triller said...

Hope you feel better soon!

The jumper looks great and with chenille it must be very soft and cuddly.

Take care!

Heather x said...

I have heard lots of horror stories from my Aunt about Chenille, so I haven't ever tried does look tempting though :)
How's your cold Jane/ have you managed to get an hold of it or does it still have control of you. Hope your feeling better :)

p.s how do you put your Rav progress reports on your blog?

*hugs* Heather x (heatherscreations)