Tuesday, April 9



I'd planned to visit Jo in Cork last year, but she was in the middle of writing a book, so it never got organised. I went over this weekend, to corral her knitting machines into some sort of order. This was the view from a local stately home (the name escapes me). 

View of the Black Valley

Luckily there wasn't much wrong with the machines, just a misaligned bracket on the standard and too thin a yarn on the chunky (I do not like the basic mast on the KH230 - no adjustment for thicker yarns). So we had time to do some sightseeing in the afternoon, the weather being almost spring-like for a change.

Outta Sight - in progress

Top-down yoked cardigan - in progress, when it's not blistering my fingers

Jo insisted I must have yarn for the return trip, so there's a scarf in mini-mochi in progress also...

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