Sunday, April 28

Wonderwool 2013

Because I always need more yarn (ha!) I took myself and fellow knitwits H and C to Builth Wells for WonderWool. As it had been quite sunny and warm in the car I foolishly left my jacket in the boot (which I much regretted later). 

I did have a plan of two items I wanted to get, but of course once the VISA came out, the red mist descended somewhat. 

I really wanted some not-bamboo DPNs, and picked up these before later spotting metal ones:


I also wanted a case for my crochet hooks, which turned out to be quite a feat - most folks were selling the (admittedly lovely) Hiya hiya crochet cases, which come with a set of hooks already. 


I then spotted these gorgeous hand-dyed socks from the Wool Clip:


I picked up this rather nice sari silk at P & M Woolcraft:


plus later a book about kumihimo braids and beading (which I forgot to take a picture of). I attended the "sheepwalk" fashion show, much enlivened by one of the chaps almost going headlong along the stage. The people at Tall Yarns 'n Tales have designed a fantastic "spinning pinny" and I thought it would be ideal for the CSM as I always end up with machine oil on my jeans. Mine is black and has pockets at the front, not the side though.

Then there was the obligatory trip to Uppinghams...


...and I stalked the Mobair stand and came back with this:


Believe me, if you think that's bad, I could have bought a lot more yarn. I said hello to Andrea of Andeeknits and had a play with an Addi circular knitting machine - surprisingly smooth action despite being all-plastic. No, I resisted - I already have too many knitting machines and they are more versatile anyway. 

The catering was excellent - I had chicken biryani for lunch, a white chocolate, coffee and walnut tart, lemon drizzle cake and a rose meringue. Around 3pm I was getting quite chilly so I ducked back to the car. 

It was a very good day and I'm rather glad it's payday on Tuesday!

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