Thursday, May 9

Tinternet weirdness...

Found a fellow Raveller who'd developed a rather cute sideways-knit garter stitch glove pattern. She won't share it though, as it's somehow sentimental? I can understand photos being sentimental, but a knitting pattern? Never mind, Grumperina has a very similar pattern freely available. Although, the photos were clear enough that I could probably figure it out anyway. Weird.

Organizing a CSM day in early June and have had a rather rude email complaining that five weeks wasn't enough notice. I wonder why I am even bothering, if that's the thanks I get? Anybody would think I was some sort of event-organizing teacher as opposed to a private individual with a full time job, ffs.

A certain disorganizer has popped up again, although this time she's some sort of sewing expert too. And possibly has Aspergers. It's news to me. I'm wondering if that's anything like the conveniently-developed PTSD back in 2010? I wonder if it's because most of the knitters online have rather long memories? Tutors, asking where their fees were, being told "I'll pray for you". Yeah, I reckon that was the FSA's take too and they got disbanded...

Made another crocheted boys cap, and it fits me again. Do boys have big heads, I wonder? Crocheting a sideways fingerless glove with the leftovers, if the pattern is any good I'll post it up here.

Picked up some rather nice fair trade buttons in Hobbycraft last night. As it turned out, expecting them to have 10 of any button was too much, so it ended up being the choice by default. Busy Fingers next time I think!

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