Wednesday, August 14

Socks and butterflies

Well, the heatwave continued for quite some time and it's just been too hot to consider much machine knitting really. We're in the process of redecorating the living room so some stuff has been dumped in the knitting room (my sewing gear) and I'm trying to increase my fitness after a recent medical so there's not been much time for relaxing lately.

However, there have been a few pairs of socks.

These were knitted on the CSM for himself, yarn purchased in Bruges - it's Regia Mix-it I think, a new colourway. Actually finished these last week and forgot to upload the photo.

I knitted these last night on the CSM (the other yarn from Bruges), and apart from having to repair dropped stitches (I try and do this on the machine now) I think I'm quite getting the hang of these now. I think the stocking stitch tension needs to be a bit tighter though. T7 seems to be a bit loose for 4ply on an Imperia. Either that, or I am using too much weight.

I'm on the second of the "Butterflies and Bees" socks - I'm convinced there is a slight error in the chart roundabout row 3, where there is a "no stitch" and I clearly have a stitch. They're not progressing fast though as they aren't television knitting really, not unless I want to spend most of the time tinking back.

I've started making a bag with some recycled sari silk I picked up at Woolfest, I bought nice handles ages ago and never made the bag to go with them. This is garter stitch on the bias so pretty easy to work on.

I can't take any credit for this buddlea - it grows along the edge of our front garden but actually belongs to our next-door neighbour. It's been awash with butterflies this year, I have enjoyed watching them and trying to count how many I can see.


This was my best attempt at photographing one - they seem to sense you're lining up a shot and they fly off. Alas, the local cats have also discovered the butterflies and think they are great fun to play with. There have been four or five corpses on the lawn, although I have saved a few when I saw the cats playing with them. Next door has a kitten who thinks butterflies are the best! thing! EVAR! Our cat doesn't seem that bothered, but he is 13, so quite a senior gentleman now.

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