Monday, November 4

This is what happens when I order stuff online...

I only went online to get two circular needles, inspired to try toe-up socks/magic cast on, honest. Yes, one needle already in use by the time I took this photo!And look what happened? This yarn is for xmas knits I think, so does it count as stash? I guess so. Huh. I've already used the pinky-purple, and the yarn colour changes are really nice. It's Fortissima Mexico and was on sale at Get Knitted.


Had the house to myself Friday night, and had an extra ball of this neon loud yarn, so made some fingerless gloves on the CSM (thanks to Marytheknit for her pattern notes!). So I have gloves to match the socks! Hurrah! It's an afterthought thumb which is why it looks a bit odd, they fit just fine though. I used a short piece of yarn to knit off 4 stitches for the thumb, I hate snipping yarn and figured just cutting it wouldn't leave me much to weave in.


The hopscotch socks are continuing slowly - I'm onto the heel flap. My hands have been aching so I've had to take it easy - the yarn has tencel so is rather stiff.

Also worked on a commission for a friend on Saturday - it's a simple enough garment but I forgot what a workout it is. No photos yet until she's approved it, as one of the yarns wasn't quite the colour I thought.

I seem to be in clumsy mode at the moment - smacked my hand on the dining table and am expecting a bruise there, and fell down the stairs this morning and twisted my knee. No sympathy from the Cog, he just laughed!

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Sue H said...

I always use toe-up/short row method for socks - how did you get on?

That yarn looks gorgeous! Am off to the Sewing and Hobbycraft show at the NEC this week - good job yarn is fairly light to carry, is all I'm saying! ;-)

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