Friday, January 31

More hats

Not more hats, I'm sure you're thinking. Well, you'd be half-right. I used the figures from the reversible hat pattern to make a more simple ribbed band hat. Because although I love me the reversible, the sewing up afterwards is really tedious.

The more interesting thing about these hats is that I used partial programming of the KH950i - these patterns are actually excerpts of pre-programmed patterns. I think the baby one is part of a rabbit pattern, and the child size is a pattern that looks like sweeties, only I left off the rabbit and the sweeties. Having to sit and read the manual so I could teach a new student a few weeks back also helped me to explore the capabilities of the KH950i. To that end, there's another cheat sheet in the works, but I do need to test it because there's an error on one page.

And, slighty blurred, a drip-candle sock in progress. I really rather like this stitch pattern, but would have to modify it if I wanted to use it for straight knitting. Trying very hard not to do the fairisle with two similar colours. It's like Kauni, but in triplicate.

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