Monday, February 10

FO: Bubble pops and baby cardigan

There has been some discussion about "bubble pops" on Ravelry lately and it being the 2014 Ravellenic games I got a round tuit and had a go. Sat at the Passap E6000 for about an hour trying to figure it out, and then decided it was easier to hand-manipulate it on the SK860 (not least because it starts as full needle rib and 4ply is just too thick).

The yarn is a Babylonglegs one but I can't remember which one offhand. After casting on FNR, I rearranged the needles for 5x5 industrial rib (ie 5 x 4 on each bed and half pitch). After knitting a further two rows, bring all needles to work on one bed and knit 8 rows. Then you drop these "new stitches" and bring all the needles on the other bed into work, and knit a further 8 rows. The texture is amazing - rather like double-sided bubble wrap. I love it! Link to the video by Anna Kovin - it's in Russian, but you get the idea.

This is an all-in-one baby cardigan, pattern by Marg Coe. Technically it's not all in one though because I added ribbing to the sleeves and the fronts. It's an ingenious shape - kind of a H on its side, with the top of the H folded down to make the sleeves and tops of the fronts.

I also finished a secret project and had a lot of hassle figuring out how to swiss-darn it to my satisfaction. It came out ok, but it's not as nice as fairisle. Having great fun on the Drip Candle sock but cannot make head nor tail of the ankle pattern instructions; the socks in the photo use a very variegated yarn so can't even use them as guidance. I am doing my own thing instead.

We're having another MK meet at my house next Saturday (15th) at 2pm. We are going to have a play with garter bars.

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Slisen said...

Gotta try the bubbles. Thanks for posting the video link.