Sunday, February 23

Ravellenics medals

We had our own little mini-competition within the Ravellenic games, with categories for machine-specific events:

  • Alpine Accessories- including colour changer, shadow transfer tool, garter bar MKRG14alpine
  • Biathlon - Combine: punch a new card or use DAK etc then make the project MKRG14biathlon
  • Freestyle - any new technique that hasn’t been tried on your machine MKRG14freestyle
  • Luge - lace carriage MKRG14luge
  • Nordic Combined - Fair Isle MKRG14nordic
  • Pattern hockey Knock-off - converted to MK from any source MKRG14ko
  • Purling (curling) - hand manipulated stitches MKRG14purling
  • Short track tuck MKRG14tuck
  • Skeleton - using the ribber MKRG14ribber
  • Speed socks all sorts MKRG14socks
  • Steek jumping MKRG14steek
  • Super G - for garter carriage MKRG14gc
  • Synchronized machine skate Knit leader/radar - complete project(s) using your knit leader/radar MKRG14kr-kl
  • Weave-a-thon - complete a knit-weave project MKRG14weave

Edit to add: These are the ones I "won". The official Ravellenics ones aren't out yet.

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Maggie Smith said...

congratulations well done