Tuesday, April 1

More weaving

Just a quick post to say I had a lovely two weekends weaving at the workshop in London - everyone was really nice and we got lots of samples done. I'll post a few of the highlights, the whole set of pictures is here (not bad shots for a mobile 'phone!). I have, of course, forgotten most people's names already...

Hard at work

Finished samples

A simple backstrap loom with rigid heddle

My samples

Since I got back sunday night I've managed to full and wash the samples and I've started getting the loom up to scratch. Last night I cut the string heddles apart and untwisted some that were twisted. My loom has nothing keeping the two halves of the shaft apart, apart from the heddles, so if you slide them all to one end (there's not an equal number on each shaft) then each shaft goes skew. Something to bear in mind. I need some more cord to tie up the rods at the end and there's one screw missing on the back beam. Then hopefully I can get warping up. Ordered a raddle from the Handweaver's Studio so hopefully that'll arrive soon. Excellent class and highly recommended. Dawn managed to show us various weaves (Huck, Attwater, Bronson) plus double weave although I think personally I love twill patterns - firm, balanced, reversible.

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maliz said...

I´ve been reading your blog long since because your great knowledge of machine knitting.
But at the moment I do more weaving than knitting, so I´m very happy to read that you started weaving.
I wish you a lot of happy hours with your loom!