Tuesday, May 20


I just discovered a new acronym this week. OLAD - Obsessive Loom Acquisition Disorder. Well, I clearly already suffer from OMAD - the knitting machine stable is currently at 9, the KH860 in the garage I'm selling for Manor House doesn't count. 

My new loom arrived on Friday. Boy, the Jane 70 is bigger than I realised, I thought I'd ordered the Jane 40. Oh well, at least I shan't outgrow it. Thanks to some books I borrowed from the library, I figured out how to draft a loveheart (the book in question is "The best of Weavers, Twill Thrills" and it's going on my Amazon wish list). I spent about 90 minutes assembling the loom on Friday night. It was warm work - I ended up in my underwear. Luckily the Cog decided not to invite his bandmates in! Now I'm eyeing up other reeds - but at £45 a time I may have to build up my collection slowly. 

I just need to finish up the weaving on the old loom so I can retire it. I'm also working on "Bluebird", a Drops cardigan pattern with some nice cabling. Oh, and I started my third pair of fairisle socks, yes, I know I said I was sick of all the ends and was going to make a hat instead. I'm fickle like that. 

Pictures to follow shortly. 

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