Monday, June 16

Bits and bobs

Yes, still plugging away at various things. Finished a second crochet bag based on the granny square stitch, from the cotton yarn that will not run out. Must write up the pattern. 

Started Lily Chin's Blue Curacao shawl, it's as addictive as chocolate but with far fewer calories. I'm already on row 13 ish, and that's despite also watching another episode of "The Bridge" (Swedish subtitled drama).  

Also started a lizard ridge jumper on the midgauge - first attempt at back too narrow and too short, had to do some math (horrors!) and a more sensible sized back is now awaiting a garter stitch hem and possibly a fancy edging. The Bluebird cardigan I started knitting with the same yarn is destined for the frog pond, methinks. 

Finally blocked the modified (ie I misread the pattern) crow print shawl, amidst complaints from himself that knitting was quite possibly taking over the house (the blocking ended up being on the floor at the foot of the bed, the only space large enough). 

There's a long list of things I need to photograph for stashing and showing off purposes.

The Jane loom made it up to the knitting room and the 4 shaft loom went to a delighted new owner yesterday - it's going to Scotland to join its brethren. I need to warp up for the next project, but as I mistakenly bought 16/2 cotton not 8/2 cotton it could be a long job. 

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