Tuesday, July 22

Addicted to the knitting...

We're having a bit of a heatwave in the UK this year - a half decent summer, for once - so I've taken it upon myself to make a pair of gloves. Yes, I am quite possibly mad, and of course other things are still on hold or in progress.

They're from Marriner pattern 1758 - we had a copy from my Aunty Margaret years ago that was so well used the ink started to wear off. I typed it up on our old typewriter, and then many years later managed to source a proper copy from Woolly Thoughts - they don't have the exact pattern any more, but have plenty of other suitable options. I've lost count of how many pairs of fingerless and fingered gloves I've made with this pattern, starting sometime around age 13. It's also pretty easy to modify it for a plain mitten too. I bought two 50g balls of Wendy Peter Pan in white with a pearlised thread; I suspect I'll have enough for a matching hat as well. I will probably retire some holey gloves I've been hanging on to for too long. 

I did finish the skew socks - I just need to sew in some ends. Saving that job for knitting club tomorrow night. 

You may or may not remember I started a "versatile jacket" (Anne Brown Posh Frocks) on Jan 3rd 2011 (I can be day-accurate thanks to Ravelry, and luckily I even noted what machine and tension I used!) Well, I need to knit one more piece, a simple 100 st wide scarf. And I mislaid the pattern. Couldn't figure out what I'd done with it. Looked in all the usual places, to no avail. The garment is all sewn up apart from the scarf bit, but is unwearable without. Anyway, the pattern suddenly turned up - in amongst a load of books and stuff I keep by my bed. I've been sleeping 3 ft away from it for years! Go figure! So I'm going to try and knit the missing piece when I get chance in the next week or so - it'll have to be on the Brother though because I'm damned if I'm setting up the SK840 for half an hour. Although I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world. Hmmm. 

I should stay away from the "classified ads" on Ravelry - picked up some lovely yarn for a secret project. Might start it tomorrow night. Yep, startitis is alive and well as usual... :) 

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