Wednesday, July 2

Covet central

See, if I wasn't on Ravelry I wouldn't even know such a loom exists - the Little Weaver, a compact USB loom where you load up a WIF file and away you go! Good job it's well out of my price range and on the wrong side of the pond, I suppose. Sigh!

Made most parts of a sideways knit boucle top on the KX395 convertible yesterday. Might knit the sleeves by hand. It's based on a technique one of the Manor House knitters showed me. Bob (blogless and doesn't do email) does production knitting, and anything that speeds up time is good for him. He showed us a method where he knits a top sideways, and knits a block of waste yarn for the armholes and for the neck. I was obviously only half paying attention because one armhole I cast off and on in the usual fashion, it being at the start and end of the garment. I suspect he just moves the side seam to the back of one arm in practice. Knitting it from a miscellaneous boucle yarn; T8 on the convertible machine and it knits really smoothly, it's ideal for a machine with flow combs not gate pegs.

Bob also gave me a pattern for an all-in-one cardigan; might try that in a less difficult yarn.

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