Monday, August 25

Mini midgauge challenge

We had some yarn donated to the Coventry Knit Wits last week, so I set myself a mini-challenge to get it all knitted up by the weekend:

Picture 072

Which became:

Picture 075

Picture 076

Picture 077

Picture 080

Picture 081

Picture 082

Hats from my own midgauge pattern and a conversion of Gina B Ahren's "Mile a minute" hats - basically, cast on 84 sts and knit for 56 rows.
Gloves from Gerda Stitt's mitten pattern, again converted to midgauge by multiplying everything by 0.7 .

Discovered the PC10 uses different program numbers to those illustrated in the literature - so it's pattern lucky-dip. Will have to mark up my sheet and maybe list it online, but not tonight, got to pack for a two day training in sunny Slough. That's a job when I have a spare two hours or so...

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