Wednesday, September 17

FO: More gloves, and matters in progress

Firstly, some gloves - I think there STILL might be more Socka hanging around, but not enough to make a whole item with. Talk about value for money - mind you, I never had 12 100g balls of sock yarn in one go before...


These were interrupted by a trip to head office in Holland for training, otherwise they would have been finished a lot faster. The insomnia kicked in again big-style, so last week I was only really good for handknitting and sitting doe-eyed in front of the television. That, and trying to catch up on four weeks of housework!

I finally got around to starting on this:


Which now looks like this:


and I'm now onto the "icicles" at the top, complete with lifeline:


This is Foldi's Panna Frost Flowers - all hand-manipulated. Foldi did it on a Passap - he/she must have the patience of a saint, because it's very hard to see what you've done on a Passap. It's fashion lace with some purl stitches too, hence the ribber weight. I'm doing it in two ends of acrylic, so there are some pulls where it gateposted. Not for the faint of heart, and not a project to tackle when you don't have time to concentrate!

Saturday, himself had his first ever gig, so was pretty nervous. So nervous, in fact, that I was getting nervous too, so I made a start on this:


Last night, I got it onto the back beam:


...and I actually got as far as getting it onto the front beam at 10pm last night, but I'm not happy with one of the warps so I'm going to have another go when I've more time. This is possibly going to be placemats, but it's just a mess around warp really. I'm demonstrating weaving in October and I want the loom to be warped and ready in time. I've never warped front-to-back before so hoping I get it right!

Oh, and I won this yarn, on one of the CSM groups on Ravelry (apologies for the rotten pic):


Everyone posts pictures of the CSM socks they've made each month and there's a prize draw. Last month I only managed one pair so it was a very nice surprise! Many thanks to lotsofyarn for her kind donation. 

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