Monday, October 27

Tweaks and tribulations

Spent all day saturday teaching a new student on her SK840. The PC10 played me up again - well, it didn't, it's just not very intuitive to use when I've mostly been playing with the Brother lately. Must pull my finger out and get those cheat sheets written up, because I couldn't get it to produce 2 colour slip DESPITE following the instructions in the manual. Suspect I started at the wrong end, that's usually what does it.

Finally finished sewing this up last night:


The skulls on the back look meaner because I stopped the pattern a row too early, and the sleeves are 2 and 3 because the first one I managed to start on row 2 so they were jawless. The shoulders could have been better, too. Took me about 3 hours to sew up. Who said machine knitting was easy again? And yes, it really IS that red!

Sunday I spent quite a bit of time uploading more photos to the etsy store and tweaking it, because posting in US$ is a complete PITA. As yet, no sales - I do need to add some small and large socks, which will happen in the next few weeks. Added a lovely pair of merino mittens this morning. I guess it's early days yet!

Current mood: disappointed

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