Thursday, November 13

A week of Mondays...

I'm having a very bad week, and it's only Wednesday.

We've been without a working shower in the ensuite for about five weeks now - it's not quite as bad as it sounds, because luckily I got a mixer shower added to the bath in the "family bathroom" for guests a while back. This was before I filled the front bedroom with knitting machines and made guests staying over unlikely, haha. Well, the shower was duly installed on Monday. The plumbers didn't leave until 7pm, and alas it wasn't a great job. Turns out our internal wall (the one the shower is on) isn't square, so the cubicle looks like it's coming away from the wall. Ok, so that's not the plumber's fault - the house was only built in 2000 ish but hey ho, not surprised, new houses are blown together alas. However, we've since discovered that not only did he go through the plasterboard into the main bathroom, but the shower is only held on by its pipes as the top rail is not attached at all. So if one was to slip in the shower and grab the upright, the whole thing could come down. And the less said about the amount of rubbish he left - and put in the recycling bin too, which I will have to muck out come the weekend, when I have daylight again - this guy is local so you'd think he'd know what the colour coded bins are for. It's going to take us at least two-three trips to the local tip, plus we may need to hire a man with a van just to take the large shower pieces away. We can't even get into the garage at the moment for the amount of cardboard and debris. Not to mention needing to polyfilla the bathroom wall, seal around the top of the new cubicle where there's a gap between it and the ceiling, and try and fill in the gap down the left hand side due to the wonky wall. Ever get one job done, and it creates 6 more?

Currently trying to get hold of the plumber because frankly, having spent over £1k, I'm hopping mad!

Couple that with the fact that as they left so late on Monday (ever tried cooking/washing your hands with no water supply? Interesting!) we pretty much went straight to the gym after a mad rampant downstairs house cleaning session - yes, got folks coming over on Saturday - and came home to find the ensuite window open. I was cross with myself for having left it open, and shut it with a bit of force. Which knocked the plumber's empty coffee mug right onto my left foot - yes, I was naked, as I was about to take a bath. Ouch. (Yeah, that's not precisely the word I used when I realised there was quite a lot of blood on the just-cleaned floor. It began with F I think). So this week I am in the Ministry of Silly Walks, hoping to get a grant. Oh, the Cog thanked me for saving the mug, which was a pretty substantial one. I think I'd rather have a broken mug than a broken toenail, which can take up to 18 months to be completely healed again.

There's not been much knitting to report, I'm afraid. My nerves are shot from weeks of emergency mode sleep and work stress, and I just haven't been in the mood.

Edit 14-11-14: Managed to get shower fixed to wall. It has two temperatures - freezing or scalding. And once you get it to scalding, you can't get it back to freezing, let alone any kind of sensible temperature. Yes, folks - they've plumbed it in upside down. I am NEVER trusting a plumber ever, ever again. Cowboys.

Current mood: stressed and exhausted

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