Wednesday, December 10

Industrial samples

As promised, some pics of the samples I did last week. The first one is a selection of pleats. The top RHS is a box pleat and the bottom one is an ordinary pleat, and the top LHS is a pleat with racking.


No good you asking what stitches these are, because I have forgotten - we changed colours every few rows, and you can see the areas where there were high butts as blocks of another stitch (tuck I think). We might have been doing half-milano, not sure now. I like the racked pleat so much I photographed it again apparently.


Apologies for the rotten photos - I don't see any daylight this end of the year until the weekend, and these were taken late last night when I remembered just as I climbed into bed.

On the Dubied, the patterning levers have three positions. OFF, pattern on high butts only, pattern on everything. Both the tucking (the white rocker switches) and the slipping/missing (the circular levers at the front of the carriage) have three positions, and there are four of each lever.

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