Monday, February 9

Going round in circles CSM event, 7-8th February

Had a lovely weekend teaching how I cast on in 1x1 rib on a CSM; won some yarn for my red and white fairisle socks, and picked up some sock yarn and some tools for my Imperia. I'll try and write up my CSM notes this week and put them up here. Got back around 6pm last night after doing a food shop and getting fish and chips - we've had a bad case of man 'flu at home this weekend but he's feeling much better now. I'm feeling pretty shattered myself!

Thanks to Jo and her wonderful helpers for a smashing weekend, and thanks also to the Shire Aztec hotel in Bristol, which was a lovely hotel/spa with lots of thoughtful touches and even a lovely squishy bed. Alas, my sleep isn't great anywhere at the moment because my right hip is pretty sore - have to go back when I'm better!

Waiting for the students

This was quite early on, it got busier!

Yeah, 'cause I always need more yarn!

More photos here

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