Monday, March 23


I find myself in the bizarre mindset of not wanting things to change too much, in case Thomas the cat can't find his way home. The fact his ashes are in a drawer at home, awaiting scattering, seems to have no effect on my brain. So I feel somewhat disloyal having received some shiny patent pink DMs for my birthday, and bought a pink jacket and some yarn home. There's such a big hole in the house at the moment! I guess I should see the positive side - the first weekend I've had a lie in for ages - but I would really, really much rather have my boy home again. Place just isn't the same without him - and the Cog was away snowboarding last week in Sweden, so that just emphasised the loss.

Had a lovely MK meeting on Saturday - there were 6 of us all told - and we investigated alternative ribber cast ons (must post some scans here). Forgot to ask them to help me get the room straight again afterwards, so it remained a mess until the Cog returned last night. Sunday was the Hobbycraft show at the NEC. Very disappointing in terms of yarn this year. First time I've seen Robin 4ply on cones - but it's a bit pricey at £11.50 a cone. Now if it was wool, it'd be a different matter!

Bought a large bag of King Cole Stranded and a crochet blanket kit from Black Sheep Wools - I'd link, but the website seems to be playing up today. Made a start on the blanket last night. Designed by a masochist, the colours change on every row. Hmm.

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