Tuesday, March 3


Well, the season seems determined to be wintry for a bit longer this year. I got myself a Varier Multi folding knee chair (I got it in time for the CSM event), as sitting causes anything from calf pain to pins and needles to nothing at all (it seems to come and go). So now I can get back into the knitting room and stop having to do everything lying down (ie handknitting or sewing). The poor weather was an ideal opportunity to stay indoors and get cracking on destashing and swatching.


These were finished last weekend, another stashbuster project


The neck was somewhat of a disaster and there's a mistake on one of the arms. I should remember to just use the amount of stitches I think for the neck, and not what the pattern asks for - it just wouldn't stretch to 120 stitches, hence there's an overlapping bit I'm going to fancy up with a button.


Some hats for charity, based on my midgauge hat pattern. They look odd when not in use, I'm not sure it's my favourite pattern.



Some swatching - blue slip stitch with Bramwell crepe, and tuck stitch with a rather thick yarn which turned out to be wool (it felted somewhat when I washed it). The former might be for a future project, the latter I do not like (and it was T9 on the standard gauge, probably best on the midgauge!). Apols for the slightly blurry pics, this is the best my camera can do on the macro setting when there's not much daylight.


I made the second of the lace socks (wearing them today in fact) and the second one the hearts went perfectly, after a false start.


No idea what this yarn is, it was donated - some sort of coned aran and very pretty. These were made yesterday at the Manor House workshop day, where I had my chunky machine up for a change. The first hat I made came out way too stiff so I might have to frog that one. These ribbed ones are a conversion of my midgauge pattern, I must write it up ASAP! I love workshop days, we turn up with machines (or other crafts, we had a lot of handknitters, a spinner and a silk painter this time) and have a relaxing day knitting and chatting. I demonstrated knitweave to a fellow knitter who makes lovely art yarns, and Bob stripped a machine down for cleaning. I also made a heart and a flower and a second sideways fingerless glove, forgot to snap them!


...and this is just to prove I am doing some handknitting at the moment - a very slow going cabled sock, where something happens in the cable every other row. I've literally just turned the heel. This is the first sock, too, alas...

Thomas the cat is going in for a thyroidectomy on Thursday, we're hoping very much that he survives the op and comes back home to us. He's had about 15 pills now (under duress) and his weight and coat are noticeably improved, and he's stopped trying to eat us out of house and home. He's discovered he can hide under the sofa, which he did this morning as the Cog was in the garage loading up amps etc for tonight's rehearsal. The cat carrier lives in the garage. He's got a good memory!

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