Tuesday, April 7

Easter break

There may have been a few yarn purchases this weekend in Gloucester:




No idea what I'm going to do with any of this, just that it was pretty. Probably yet more hats! Cheltenham has THREE yarn shops and Gloucester at least one (couldn't visit it as it was closed Easter Monday). How come Rugby can't even support one? Bah!

We had a hat competition at Manor House on Thursday and my reversible hat came third (alas, no prize for third!).

Took some Noro with me and made six squares whilst we were away:


Sprinkled Tom's ashes yesterday, under one of his favourite bushes:


Current mood: sore - currently undergoing the modern equivalent of a medieval stretching rack for my back, the hope is it will suck the damaged disc back in.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really love the Katia yarn skeins and the heart-squares.
I´d say, those squares would be a nice intarsia work on a Bulky machine :)
I´m said to read about Thomas, and I really feel what you´re going through. Although our cat Spiky isn´t around any more since 5 years, I still feel his presence around .