Friday, April 24

Slow progress...

The back stretching (IDD) finally seems to be working. Less pain when sleeping on my right side, and less immediate pain when I get out of the car. Might have to extend to a few more treatments, though.

I've signed myself up for a two-day weaving class in May, which means I really ought to get my derriere in gear and get the tablemats off the loom, because I need to warp up ahead of the class. Already purchased the yarn, just need to get weaving and free up the loom. But after a stretching treatment, all I'm good for is laying down on the sofa and crocheting. Can't even go to the gym afterwards. On the positive side, my kneeling chair for work finally showed up yesterday, so I have taken my chair back home, which will mean more progress in the craft room from now on.

Eddie the new cat is gradually settling in, although he's still pretty skittish. He's training us to keep the kitchen clean - he licks anything with food on that's left unattended. Going to be hard to retrain him he doesn't have to steal anymore. Hard to resist this guy when he's being affectionate, though:

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