Tuesday, May 5

FO: CSM ribbed socks

Second ever pair of 3x1 ribbed socks. Slight error on the first one (bottom) when I put the ribber into slip before starting on the foot; turns out that's a no-no. Second one went better. Also, love the new blanket - Eddie the cat has already pulled a thread in it though (see the yellow loop). He seems to appreciate wool, starts paddling on it.

Second half of the yarn required for the hearts blanket. Need to count up the first squares, think I'm a few short. Just being lazy as they're upstairs.

Took several attempts to get a picture not over-exposed, this is King Cole Bamboo in denim, very nice handle to it. For once I have a project in mind for this, a long tunic with lace. Already swatched on the KH950i.

Current mood: sore - chiropractor tried a different angle on the stretching machine last week. Felt great on Friday morning but has hurt ever since =(

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