Tuesday, May 26

FO: Rhapsody in purples

I took a bunch of photos of this before I washed it at 30 degs C, in case I felted it again. Luckily, 30 seems to be the charm, although the fringe ends up looking chewed. I wound off the warp to fix another threading error (I somehow managed to thread something through a heddle and under another heddle) but then it got so tangled up I couldn't wind it back on, so I gave up. It makes a very long scarf - I might make it into a scarf and matching clutch purse.




Made another false start at the bamboo tunic and decided hand manipulated lace is safer, which will seriously curtail what I'd planned to do. And I STILL managed to drop a stitch! Everyone's producing such lovely lacey stuff on Ravelry, it's most annoying!

We spent a pleasant long weekend in Cambridge and in Ely - only yarn shop I spotted was shut, so I was saved from temptation.


I think Eddie (short for Edward) is gradually settling in. He has breakfast then goes out, which meant that this morning what he hadn't eaten got hoovered up by next door's moggie Houdini (aka Mr Cheeky - I think she kicks him out at night, which I do NOT agree with). Luckily they didn't meet in the house, I dread to think what would have happened!

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