Monday, May 18

Weaving workshop weekend, Ampthill

Despite my warping up being a prime example of how NOT to warp up, I managed to get a decent amount of weaving done. My threading was groups of 1,2; 3,4; 1,2,3,4; and 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 which meant that shafts had to be lifted in pairs. Lifting only 1 or 3 shuttles made big floats. Having said that, I quite like the fact that you are confined to a certain set of rules once threaded up - it's interesting to see how many different patterns you can still get from something. I will have to take some close up shots when it's off the loom.

Realised I should have taken some more pictures, there were some amazing textures and patterns going on. I particularly liked Dizzyspinner's, she popped in and out and had packed away before I got a chance.

My view of the room (note torture chair in foreground - back is no better). Also note amazing rainbow woven back in bottom left of picture. I would have stolen that if I thought I'd get away with it! So lovely!

Opposite angle

Erica's twill (she sat next to me)

I've forgotten this lady's name but I love the rosepath. One to try in the future methinks! Edit to add: It's Fiona's work

Trying out some vibrant sock yarn from Rosie's Moments.

Many thanks to Anna for the guidance and Jan for the yummy chocolate biscuits. Just been onto the Handweavers Studio website and bought another shuttle, a bobbin winder, another threading hook (mine will now miraculously reappear) and a fine reed. Cough, ahem. Weaving gadgets are a lot more pricey than MK gadgets, probably because there's still a market for them.

Edit to add: Some more photos of the event here

15-06-2015 Edit: the finished weaving off the loom

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Exidia said...

Some great shots here - and wasn't it a great weekend? We must do it again, at least every year!

dizzyspinner said...

Fantastic and thank you for doing this! Definitely must do it again!! I thought it was great just to see so many looms in the one room….magic!!

I did try to steal a bag, but the owner moved so fast of her chair…..was frightening!! lol