Monday, October 19

FO: blue hat and heart socks


Hybrid MK / CSM socks

Made another hairpin lace cowl, the tuck pattern I used is slightly different - haven't got around to photographing it yet. I also made another hat but the yarn turned out to be chunky and it came out like cardboard so I unpicked it. The blue stripey one is for the charity box again. Seems I am doomed to knit hats for others but never have one for myself! Need to figure out what tension the yarn likes, and if I can emulate the chunky pattern on the midgauge machine, because it's not set up and otherwise I need to handknit it.

Eddie finally sat on my lap last night - well, he tried, but I had a dress on, so he sank between my legs. First time in 6 months he's been relaxed enough to do that. Result!

Current mood: blah

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