Friday, October 16

FO: Machine-knitted hairpin lace snood


This won first prize in its category (Misc machine knit) at the annual Manor House competition - which I completely forgot about until this weekend. I couldv'e, probably should've, cast on some fancy socks (I finally got around to that about 9pm Tuesday night, but only got the fairisle bits done). It's machine-knitted hairpin lace, made from three strips, which are linked together, and then a bit of crochet around the edges. I'd probably call it an infinity scarf because I think it looks dorky on my head, but snood is just easier to say. It's some sort of brushed acrylic which I picked up from Uppinghams. I didn't think much to it - and I'd expected several more hairpin scarves at the competition - but mine was the only one. The receptionist at the community centre where we meet thought it was gorgeous, so I'm planning on making another for her as a thankyou for putting up with us barmy knitters. :) The strips have a central tucked stitch - you can program a card for this, but in practice just using hold is almost as quick and it actually seems to knit off more consistantly. Not yet pictured, my first attempt, which came out shorter and with lots of loops it shouldn't have had...

My lovely chiropractor says I just have a very tight left hamstring muscle and cycling should help, so I've an appointment with the exercise bike later. Glad to know it's nothing serious, it's just my body reluctantly readjusting itself. I've been taking an anti-inflammatory before bed, and wearing earplugs, so that's helping with the sleep. Now, if I could just convince Edhead the cat to stop plonking himself on me at 5am every morning, life'd be rosy!

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