Friday, November 13

FO: Christmas Camping sweater

This was what I was up to at the end of last month - well, it was a challenging and different way to spend the last of my holiday! :)

There were going to be baubles also (see below) - the designs match this month's front cover of the magazine - but dealing with the floats was an issue, and ladder back dbj is a great technique I didn't quite have enough time to master in the 28 hours it took from start to finish. Very pleased with how it came out though! Monadelphus on Ravelry wrote the dbj technique up in the current issue of the  Guild of Machine Knitters magazine, and has since written notes on how to avoid the holes when going into this tech from stocking stitch, so expect a post on it here soon.

This is the, not quite woven in the ends, running out of daylight shot I took on Hallowe'en afternoon:


Holey baubles, Batman! :)

Picture 194


Pastor Michael said...

My wife is handknitting the camping jumper, but the stitches on the patterns don't equal the number of stitches on the rows. i.e., pattern B equals 52 stitches, but that means you can only get two full patterns across the jumper, but the picture is showing three full patterns. Can you advise please. Many thanks, Michael. On behalf of my wife Rita.

steel breeze said...

Hi Michael,

That's because I literally had 3 days to knit it in - so it was machine knit, and the stitch counts are therefore a bit different for the two patterns. So your wife is quite correct, it is not a mistake! I would suggest centralising the two patterns and having a part pattern at each side, which should be 19 sts for the part pattern, 2 repeats, 19 sts for the part pattern.

Many thanks,