Monday, November 30

FO: Pram rug and light cosy


After the last MK meeting, I was inspired to do something on the Passap - so made a little pram rug. It's a bit small, but I made it from 1.5 ply not 4ply and adjusted the stitch size accordingly so it's hardly surprising. Lovely fabric - indoor winter photography at 6.50am really doesn't do it justice.


Now, I'm not one of those bonkers people that knit cosies for everything, but I do like to protect things that could get scratched. Herewith, I present my light cosy, for my folding light.

Nothing much else to report, I'm afraid - I've been working up samples for demonstrating the Brother single bed colour changer, so have been tangling with that beast and damaging needles / wasting yarn. Mine still has a problem when tucking over more than 2 rows - and having had it checked by Metropolitan, I'm inclined to think that the carriage itself might be at fault, this being the machine that was badly damaged in transit. I can probably adjust both plain and khc colour changers to fix it, they both ride a little hight. I suspect it's actually the main plate of the machine that took some abuse (as the carrier screws were so badly damaged I had to use pliers to bend them enough to get them out, and the plastic itself was toast). Thursday night should prove it one way or another as it's the same machine. I've discovered a workaround for tuck - bring all needles to E position and it knits back just fine, with no chomping on the latches - but that's not much of a fix when I need to use holding position...

Will write up some notes and post some pics of the samples when I've time. The dreaded C word is almost upon us, and what with the social events, the shopping, and having made four visits to a local garage to change my decidedly average Vauxhall Corsa for a far more nippy Ford Fiesta, time has been at a premium lately. I'm also trying to squeeze in yoga, nordic walking and gym visits. I've lost 2 st since mid August so I'm feeling quite smug, not least because I'm now getting into size 16 which hasn't happened for what feels like ages. Deliberately sending larger clothes to charity so I have no excuse to let things slide again!

Eddie the cat is still bonkers - I thought we'd got woodworm, turns out he's been chewing on the balustrades. He likes to hide under the washing and lash out at anyone foolhardy enough to go past. I think he's only playing, but he doesn't realise his claws hurt. He's affectionate enough when there's food to be had though!

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