Thursday, January 14

FO: more garter stitch gloves

Belated happy New Year!


More garter stitch gloves - this pair for my niece L, who loved them! She wanted blue, but I didn't have enough blue DK.. B, the nephew, thinks he's too old for such things... I bet he'd like them if they had a Batman theme though!

Most of my projects are stalled - none of them are "tv knitting" - so of course I've started handknitting some simple mittens, which are knit completely in the round with an afterthought thumb. Lovely pattern I found via Ravelry and perfect for watching a film. I had to buy two extra balls of yarn for a zigzag blanket I crocheted last year, and then of course only needed the one ball, so I've 100g of DK to use up.

Got a few things to look forward to in February, not least a DAK8 two-day course at Metropolitan. January seems long, dark and cold - fighting the urge to hibernate. The house feels cramped, because we are having a sort out and seem to have collected rather a lot of cardboard boxes. That, and we missed the rubbish collection on 1st January so have 4 weeks of rubbish which won't all fit in the wheelie bin. We treated ourselves to a pod coffee machine in the sales at Sainsers, so at least I can hibernate with really nice coffee!

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