Sunday, April 24

FO: more hats

When you finish knitting garments, you always have yarn leftover. I make it into hats usually.



The two sides of the reversible hats - sorry for the rough pictures, it's a PITA to keep switching flash on and off on the Nikon, the buttons keep losing their function. The left one came out on the larger size, because it's actually donated DK yarn.


This is leftover sparkly yarns. Very pretty, came out a bit long - it's a modification of the single thickness version of this pattern, but I reduced the stitch count, and I'm glad I did because it came out on the large side.

I also knitted a T-time top but I might redo it - as I was using DK not aran it came out somewhat smaller than I thought it would, and I need to use up as much of the yarn as I can (the second size came out kind of teen sized). I also knitted some swatches, which need to go into the wash.

My current go-to project, seeing as handknitting, crochet and sewing are denied:


I also did a little more weaving, but there's not much to show for that at the moment.

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