Monday, May 9

Auctions and sales

That's the thing about knitting machines. You say you'll take a look at one for someone, and then another one comes along. A bit like buses! :)

Got some MK items to get rid of in the next few weeks, please check out my auctions here.

Also, this is currently in my garage:


Knitmaster 360k 4.5mm knitting machine, lace carriage, SRP50 ribber, AW1 weaving arm, RT1 rib transfer carriage, wool winder with broken hat, card punch in box, pack of plain and punched cards, manual, all in large wheeled bench box. Machine needs a clean and a new sponge bar, the accessory lid hinge is broken (small parts stored elsewhere) but is in otherwise good condition - one feeler is missing from a patterning drum, I am hopefully getting that in the post soon. Offers around £100 for the lot - this is a complete starter kit for anyone interested in machine knitting, and Knitmaster are still in business as Silver so you can get spares and repairs. Can deliver in the Midlands area for a consideration towards my fuel costs.

And this is currently in my neighbour's garage:


Knitmaster ES302 knitting machine, a vintage 4.5mm knitting machine, manual patterning only. Open to offers on this one!

More pictures of items I have for sale (some are currently listed on Ravelry but I'm open to offers) here. Thanks for looking!

Current mood: lethargic - yeah, Eddie's still bouncing around the bedroom at night a lot, thanks to the light mornings... grrr...

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