Tuesday, June 28

Almost FO: hearts dress

Finished this, bar turning up the hem and doing a bit of handsewing around the zip. First ever invisible zip and it went really well, very chuffed with it! I would have liked to have finished it last night, but England was busy crashing out of Euro 2016 and I didn't trust the Cog's temper...


A close-up of the fabric, it's actually white. The hallway has a yellow lampshade!


Just posting this here so I can find it again, I'd done more sewing than I realised. This from My Sewing Circle, which seems to be a defunct sewing site on the lines of Ravelry.


Edit to add: it's patter no K6262, came free with a sewing magazine and there was a round neck and sleeveless variation.

Current mood: sore from all the coughing, but rather chuffed with the dress.

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