Wednesday, June 15

Health update

So I went for an EGM? OGM? on Friday, to test my nerve responses in both arms. Apparently there's only a slight delay. It has taken 10 or more weeks to get the appointment though. And I've not knitted a stitch in that time - I did try one row of crochet. The nurse who was doing it was Eastern European and was teaching a student nurse - she was rather offhand with me but I guess she knows more about this than I do. She said it was mild carpal tunnel and probably not worth operating on. The student nurse said I would just have to take up other hobbies. Yeah.... well, that's exactly what I HAVE been doing. It doesn't fix reading a book or driving, though - not about to give those up anytime soon. And I'm part-way through a sock. Argh! I did think about making a remark about how would she feel if she had to give up her hobbies, but then thought she probably doesn't get much time for hobbies so held my tongue.

On the positive side, I think it's gradually healing. I only got a twinge on the last Nordic walk. So fingers crossed - if I abstain for long enough I can maybe go back to my yarn crafts, although maybe I'll have to dial it back a bit. I've got two pieces of cotton drying in the bathroom (yeah, typical British summer - rainy and wet!) ready for making into a skirt and a dress.

Current mood: annoyed but with a side-serving of hopeful.

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