Sunday, October 30

The Big Textile Show 2016

Had a lovely time at the show yesterday - lots more yarn and fabric stands there this year (possibly because of the GBSB?). I nearly fell for several bits of fabric (Whitetree Fabrics - gorgeous!) but settled for a cleaning brush/needle holder instead (my sewing machine is missing its brush). I've promised myself I'll use some of my fabric up before I buy any more - although I have just sent lots of leftover scraps to Sheila for TWAM. We (Manor House Machine Knitters) started the Sunday by making a corkscrew scarf using a special slip stitch card and then later on just messed about with card 3. There were lots of lovely garments on two rails:


and smaller items on the table (I cannot believe how badly I've photographed this!):


I was aware all day that my camera was "on fumes" in terms of battery power, so may not have been concentrating as well as I might on framing a decent shot. Oops. We were with the lovely Morsbags people (our Bob made himself a bag!) and the local Lace guild (whose flyer I seem to have mislaid!).

There were lots of lovely stalls:


and lots of beautiful quilts and embroideries by local groups:


There seems to be a wealth of crafty people and groups in Leicestershire, which makes me wish Warwickshire would organise something similar (and no, I'm not volunteering to organise it myself, I only wish I had time!).

I bought a lovely decorated handbag mirror from Sue Trevor who was wearing a fabulous fascinator in the shape of a cup and saucer. I also picked up one ball of Stylecraft "Head over Heels" sock yarn - just for scientific purposes, you understand - I had no idea Stylecraft were doing sock yarn! It's in a yummy colourway too!

More pictures here

All in all a lovely day.

In other news, I made a start on an evening gown on Thursday - it's a Very Easy Vogue pattern (the number escapes me), but I need to pick up some skirt lining material because I don't have enough and rats I've just realised I meant to bring it today so I could buy some more in town on the way home tonight. Argh. I'll have to just wing it I think! The dress fabric itself is cut out ready but parts are translucent so the whole thing needs facing. There's a dressmaker's ball being held in Leicester next year and I must admit I'm quite tempted to go!

Eddie the cat refused to come in last night and refused to be petted this morning, preferring to hide under the table. Confused as to why he thinks we're his enemies again today. Weird cat - he did get shut in the front bedroom for a large part of Saturday but that was a mistake (he is SO sneaky!) He was in all day Sunday too, was hoping he'd be out during the day as it's Divali AND bonfire night week here. Oh well! Hopefully he'll be pleased to see me later. So I'm somewhat confused by the extra hour (it's weird how the body somehow knows!) AND the skittish cat.

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