Sunday, December 4

It's started...

This has become somewhat of a catchphrase in my house. One of us sees something, out and about, that says "Christmas!", often as early as September, and we look knowingly at the other, with the words "It's started!". And it has, in my household, this year.

I tend to get the xmas cards done early in December because I have a penpal in Seattle and a friend who lives in Finland, so those cards need to get posted fairly earlyin the month. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't be at all organised. Luckily for me, I only have a small family to buy for - having only one sister. So it's a fairly easy job to get most of the presents at the start of December. This year, the Cog and I have decided to limit our gifts to one another to a set amount, and spend the rest on ourselves, as we know exactly what we want! I've ordered some new lenses for my camera. I might also get myself some new walking boots for the nordic walking. He'll no doubt order something guitar-y or computer-y.

This weekend I finished up an order of 3 pairs of socks on the CSM for a work colleague, and finished sewing up the xmas dress too - more on both of those later. Now, there's one more xmas knit I really must finish. The xmas cards are all done, some just awaiting the Cog's signature. I need to get some stamps, and get the foreign cards in the post. Then all that is left is to plan and order the xmas food, and get the house decorated.

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